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Matt Bio, CEO of Snapdragon Chemistry discusses continuous manufacturing in drug development with Biotech 2050

"Snapdragon is pleased to announce a major strategic investment from Asymchem. The combination of Snapdragon's technology and process development capabilities, along with Asymchem's expertise in clinical and commercial manufacturing will provide our clients with a complete solution to drug development."

Snapdragon Chemistry Announces New Strategic Investment/Partnership With Asymchem

"Building on our prior work with Pfizer, we are collaborating to prepare the difluoromethylating agent {(DMP)2Zn(CF2H)2].  Snapdragon designed a continuous process for on-demand manufacture of the air-and moisture-sensitive zinc complex using a continuously stirred-tank reactor connected to continuous filtration."

Snapdragon Chemistry's New Collaboration with Pfizer

Matthew M. Bio, Snapdragon’s CEO, states that "in addition to the increase of 8,000 sg. ft. of lab space, Snapdragon is excited about our new capacity for pilot-scale demonstrations and bulk product deliveries."

Snapdragon Chemistry Announces Completion of the First of a Two-Phase Construction Effort

Matthew M. Bio, Snapdragon’s CEO, sees flow and other advanced processing technologies as a true boost to repatriating production all along the supply chain

Matt Bio, CEO of Snapdragon Chemistry, interviewed in the June 29th issue of C&EN

BARDA, Snapdragon Chemistry INC., will collaborate to quickly develop an innovative and scalable continuous manufacturing platform for ribonucleotide triphosphates, a critical component for mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines.

Deployable, Domestic Manufacturing Technology for COVID-19 vaccine component

The new lab has been customized to integrate seamlessly with our integral LabOS platform and accommodate complex reactor systems with ease. Expansion into the brand-new offices and lab space will more than double Snapdragon's capacity to serve our ever-growing list of premier customers.

Construction of State-of-the-Art New Laboratory Space Has Been Completed!

A free recording to a webinar given by Dr. Matthew Bio, Ph.D has become available via Scientific Update. Snapdragon has developed a CM lab development platform that accurately models production-scale systems enabling right-first-time scale-up. Slides are also available via the link below.

Mighty Machines | Efficient Chemical Manufacturing Enabled by Continuous Technology

A recent collaboration between Snapdragon Chemistry, MIT's Jamison group, and Compact Membrane Systems yielded a continuous membrane RCM reactor that expels ethylene by-product via selective permeation.

A Scalable Membrane Pervaporation Approach for Continuous Flow Olefin Metathesis

Snapdragon Chemistry believes in giving back to the community.  During this difficult time, with donations dropping at National Public Radio (WBUR, Boston), we are proud to be sponsoring the news that New England has come to rely on.

Snapdragon Chemistry Sponsors National Public Radio Starting May 4, 2020

On Tuesday, May 12th tune into Scientific Update's virtual conference on flow chemistry and continuous processing for a talk from Snapdragon's CEO Dr. Matthew Bio alongside Dr. Hannah Murnen from Compact Membrane systems.

Don't Miss an Upcoming Talk from Our CEO, Dr. Matthew Bio

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