Our Partners

Snapdragon Chemistry’s main focus is to deliver value to our clients. Thus, we have partnered with trusted, cutting-edge organizations that complement our skill sets and services, to provide the best solutions to our clients.  


Zaiput Flow Technologies is dedicated to bringing innovative tools for continuous flow to the market. Zaiput specializes in modular liquid-liquid separators and back pressure regulators for a variety of flow rates and with robust designs for harsh chemistries.

Through our partnership with Zaiput Flow Technologies, we will bring the most innovative and effective continuous flow technology to our clients. Zaiput and Snapdragon Chemistry are co-located in the Boston area, enabling us to collaborate efficiently to build cutting-edge reactor systems for continuous flow synthesis.


Paraza Pharma, Inc. is an innovative company with an aim to improve significantly the efficiency of the drug discovery process from lead identification through lead optimization to development candidates.

Paraza complements Snapdragon Chemistry’s expertise in drug discovery and enables us to provide more holistic, innovative solutions to our clients in the discovery and early development space. Our combined insights, experience, and workforce help power an integrated solution that can completely transform productivity in discovery.