Snapdragon Chemistry leverages its scientific expertise, proprietary continuous flow technology & automated experimentation platforms to accelerate product development.

Snapdragon Chemistry is a leader in developing continuous flow chemistry solutions for the discovery and production of active pharmaceutical ingredient, intermediates, and materials.  Since our founding in 2014, we have focused on the development of practical continuous manufacturing solutions for challenging chemical transformations to enable us to discover, develop and implement scalable synthetic processes for our clients.

Our clients include companies discovering and manufacturing pharmaceuticals, animal care products, materials, and other fine chemicals.  These clients are seeking innovative, productive and robust solutions to their discovery and manufacturing needs.

Our approach leverages flow-based retrosynthetic analysis and reaction design. We apply fundamental chemical and engineering principles to design in robustness.  We employ an array of in-line and at-line PAT technologies for real time monitoring and control. Process demonstration on multi-gram scale is then followed by pilot scale production with our local manufacturing partner (GMP-capable) or through transfer to the client’s network.

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