Process Development

Snapdragon Chemistry provides process improvement and scale-up services. With our world-class consulting capability, we can suggest process improvement ideas that leverage continuous flow technology to (1) reduce the number of transformations required to synthesize a given molecule and (2) improve the efficiency of the transformations. Moreover, our laboratory services can support the implementation of these ideas to prepare scaled quantities of your target product. Snapdragon Chemistry can also work with your in-house team to establish process-scale reactors to ensure seamless technology transfer.

We leverage our growing capabilities in autonomous process development to deliver robust, scalable flow chemistry solutions. 




Snapdragon Chemistry can leverage our expertise in our reactor platforms to deliver flow chemistry solutions for your toughest problems.  Our platforms include:

  • Photochemistry
    • Photoredox
    • Singlet Oxygen
  • Liquid/gas reactions
    • Syngas (CO/H2)
    • Ethylene
    • Allene
  • Fast-mixing reactions
    • Organolithium reactions
    • Cryogenic reactions
  • Packed-bed hydrogenations
  • High temperature/pressure
  • Electrochemistry

Snapdragon Chemistry can help you develop and optimize chemical reactions implementing continuous flow technology. Depending upon the stage of development, we provide consulting services advising on (a) feasibility of applying continuous flow technology to a reaction, (b) reactor design and set-up, and (c) specific conditions and parameters to optimize a reaction in flow. Based on your needs, our talented chemists provide holistic chemistry services to develop and optimize reactions in flow so that you can focus on other priorities. We understand the importance of seamless technology transfer and will work with you to determine a customized plan that best suits your needs.

The prospect of completing multiple synthetic steps in one continuous flow process is becoming a reality across a broader set of reactions and conditions. By employing integrated multi-step continuous processes, one can tap into some of the greatest benefits of flow technology. Snapdragon Chemistry has an expertise in developing multi-step syntheses in continuous flow. Our leadership has led many of the major developments in this field, and we employ chemists that have had hands-on experience in developing these continuous processes.



CONSULTING AND Portfolio Optimization Analysis

Are you interested in flow chemistry but not sure where to apply it in your operation?  Do you want to maximize the value of your investment in continuous flow?  

Continuous flow chemistry is typically used as a last resort to address challenges that arise in conventional batch methodology. As a result, there are often missed opportunities to apply continuous flow chemistry to enhance product development. We want to support you in gaining the greatest advantage from flow technology. Thus, we offer a detailed analysis of your portfolios by reviewing reactions and processes across a set of molecules and then proactively identifying key opportunities in using flow technology to improve productivity. We have already utilized flow technology to transform synthetic routes (e.g., reducing the number of synthetic steps, improving conversion, and decreasing residence time) and substantially increase their efficiency. Also, our broad experience in translating reactions into flow enables us to take a unique look at your portfolio to identify these opportunities and help you achieve a step change in productivity.



Discovery Services

"Drug development can therefore often be characterized as a race in which several firms pursue investigational drugs with similar chemical structures or with the same mechanism of action...." - DiMasi and Faden, Nature Rev. Drug Discovery 2011, 10, 23-27

Restricted diversity in chemical building blocks and scaffolds leads to compound collections that cover similar chemical space and, therefore, result in few innovative medicines being developed. Snapdragon Chemistry helps medicinal chemists access new chemistries to enhance their toolkit and then discover more effective medicines. We provide a number of different services to aid medicinal chemists:

    For potentially desirable, theoretical scaffolds:

  • We provide access to unique chemical structures that may be used in discovery processes by facilitating underutilized reactions that are difficult to access via the conventional batch methodology, such as reactions using photochemistry or high temperature and pressure.

    For existing scaffolds:

  • We assess portfolios of early hit-to-lead scaffolds to determine their feasibility for synthesis to support downstream development activities so no potential ground-breaking medicines are suppressed due to the limitations of batch chemistry, and
  • We reduce the number of transformations required to synthesize a molecule of interest, by providing alternative reactions and pathways.

The “Scalability by Design” Advantage:  As medicinal chemists increasingly focus on exploring structures outside of traditional chemical space, one of their greatest challenges tends to be the scalability of selected candidates. Much of the non-conventional methodology used to develop new compound libraries often does not lend itself to easy scalability, which may lead to insurmountable challenges in drug development downstream. By leveraging flow chemistry to produce your leads, scalability of the synthesis is inherent and often 10 kg can be produced as easily as 100 milligrams.