Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge Report Issued

In September 2017 Snapdragon Chemistry CEO Matt Bio participated in a workshop held in Mexico City for the Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge.  Matt joined more than 55 other scientific leaders to define the challenges, articulate the opportunities, identify fundamental research needs in order to rapidly discovery and developed advanced materials supporting clean energy.


In addition to the workshop, the attendees collaborated to author a report entitled "Materials Acceleration Platform:  Accelerating Advanced Energy Materials Discovery by Integrating High-throughput Methods with Artificial Intelligence" (link).

Matt Bio upon the release of the report stated, "Snapdragon Chemistry was very excited to be part of this workshop.  The consensus of the attendees, as captured in this landmark report, was the critical role that autonomous experimental execution and interpretation will play in discovering and developing tomorrows advanced materials.  This is exactly the vision that Snapdragon Chemistry has already had exceptional progress realizing."