Matt Bio discusses flow reactor systems coupled to computer algorithms to auto-optimize chemical process development at Launch

Snapdragon Chemistry's CEO Matt Bio recently participated in a Circular Innovation Summit facilitated by the LAUNCH organization.  LAUNCH  is a network-centered innovation platform that connects innovators to other innovators and to mentors to help realize technologies and approaches that address sustainability challenges.  In 2016 LAUNCH, founded by NASA, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Department of State and NIKE, Inc., solicited approaches that would help accelerate a shift towards more sustainable molecules, mixtures, and materials.  Snapdragon Chemistry's proposal for a system coupling flow-chemistry development to computer-aided optimization was one of only five innovations selected by LAUNCH for participation in their program (story available here). 

The innovation summit brought together leading researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and business executives at NIKE’s world headquarters in Portland, Oregon.  Matt discussed the system under development by Snapdragon Chemistry during the summit.