Dr. Eric Fang Promoted to Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Eric Fang, Snapdragon Chemistry CSO

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Dr. Eric Fang to the position of Chief Scientific Officer of Snapdragon Chemistry.  Eric joined Snapdragon Chemistry as Director of Chemistry in November of 2015 from Amgen.  During Eric’s time at Amgen he continued to push process development for scalable and safe syntheses of complex small molecules towards greater elegance and efficiency.  This continuing innovation naturally pushed him towards the application of flow chemistry.  As Eric sought to be more on the forefront of flow chemistry development and utilization, Snapdragon Chemistry recruited him into the role of Director of Chemistry.  In this role he immediately began leveraging the intrinsic capabilities of Snapdragon Chemistry and the vision and know-how of its founders to deliver value to Snapdragon Chemistry’s clients.  Eric has helped push continuous innovation at Snapdragon Chemistry in delivering robust flow chemistry processes as well as in the development of enabling tools and devices that have added to Snapdragon Chemistry’s capabilities.  In recognition of this work and the vision and leadership Eric brings to our clients and our internal research and development efforts, the Board of Directors of Snapdragon Chemistry approved the promotion of Eric to this critical role.  As Chief Scientific officer Eric will continue to direct chemistry development for Snapdragon Chemistry’s client projects and internal research and development efforts.