Snapdragon Chemistry Adds Corning Low-flow Reactor

Corning's Low-flow Reactor

Corning's Low-flow Reactor

Snapdragon Chemistry, Inc. continues to add capabilities to enable cutting-edge flow chemistry development by adding Corning’s Advanced Flow™ (AFR) technology to its laboratory.  This acquisition is an important addition to Snapdragon Chemistry’s tool box which will help us achieve the mission of discovering, developing and transferring new or improved processes for fine-chemical and pharmaceutical production for our customers.

Corning’s versatile and powerful Low-Flow reactor is being utilized in the Snapdragon facility to enable chemistry development and identify appropriate and efficient synthetic routes that can easily and seamlessly be transferred to industrial production.  The installation of the reactor in Snapdragon’s laboratory provides Corning’s customers in the Cambridge, MA area with ready access to continuous-flow demonstrations and experimental trials at a small scale for early stage processes as well as guidance with developing new flow chemistry processes.  While Corning’s AFR business has been around for more than 10 years, Allessandra Vizza, regional commercial manager, EMEA, Americas, Corning AFR Technology observed, “The utilization of continuous flow solutions is still a new concept for many current and potential customers in North America.  Providing our customers with Corning’s engineering and equipment capabilities coupled with Snapdragon’s chemistry expertise is a win for everyone.”

“We are very pleased to add Snapdragon to our global network of collaborators,” said Dr. Yi Jiang, global business director for Corning Reactor Technologies.  “They have extensive chemistry expertise in pharmaceutical, fine, and specialty chemical industries and employ chemists who are skilled at applying various synthetic methods which are key parameters for the appropriate utilization of AFR reactors.”  See Corning's announcement here.

Snapdragon Chemistry

Snapdragon is very excited to be working with Corning and their AFR technology. “The extensive engineering and design consideration that went in to developing the Corning family of reactors ensures that processes we develop in the Low-Flow reactor can be quickly scaled to commercial production,” said Matthew Bio, Snapdragon President and Chief Executive Officer.  “The superior mixing and heat transfer properties of Corning’s reactors routinely provide excellent results even with the most challenging reactions.  In addition, the modular design of the Corning system provides a flexible and easy-to-use platform for flow chemistry development.”