Snapdragon Chemistry leverages its scientific expertise and proprietary developments in continuous flow technology to enhance the entire discovery >> development >> manufacturing value chain.

Snapdragon Chemistry, Inc. was founded by two leaders in continuous flow technology – Tim Jamison, a professor of chemistry at MIT, and Aaron Beeler, an assistant professor of chemistry at Boston University. They felt compelled to help companies fully harness the benefits of continuous flow as  – with increased frequency  – industry colleagues asked for their guidance and collaboration to help implement flow into their R&D and manufacturing operations.

At Snapdragon Chemistry, our chemists draw on their deep scientific knowledge and years of leading advances in continuous flow technology to ensure our clients' success. We are committed to helping our clients discover more effective medicines, accelerate development, and optimize manufacturing with continuous flow. From strategy to operations, we take an innovative approach to helping our clients' achieve their goals. By looking at the entire discovery >> development >> manufacturing value chain through the lens of flow chemistry, we can identify unique opportunities to increase innovation and productivity, whether through access to new scaffolds in discovery or by more efficient synthesis of lead compounds to accelerate product development. 

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