We believe that continuous flow technology will be instrumental in transforming the R&D and manufacturing paradigms across a variety of industries where organic chemistry is central to product development (e.g., branded and generic pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals). Those that can harness flow technology early will have a decisive, lasting advantage over competitors as the technology enables important productivity enhancements. The benefits of employing continuous flow processes in manufacturing are well covered, even in mainstream media. We believe that applying the lens of flow chemistry early in product development is essential, not only to unlock maximum benefits in manufacturing but also to capture key advantages in R&D.

Our Mission

To help our clients harness the significant, lasting advantages of continuous flow technology to transform their entire discovery >> development >> manufacturing value chain.

Our Values

Client Oriented

Our primary focus is to support you in overcoming challenges and successfully achieving your objectives. Providing excellent client service and building a lasting partnership with you underpin everything that we do.

Scientific Excellence and Innovation

We believe that scientific innovation is paramount to delivering best-in-class products and services to our clients. We have created an unparalleled network of academic and industry experts that enables our offerings to remain at the forefront of continuous flow technology.

Talent development

Our employees are not only the best and brightest scientists but also exceptional people. As our most valuable resource, they provide outstanding services and products. Our entrepreneurial culture and emphasis on scientific distinction attracts like-minded scientists who seek to tackle and resolve the most complex and challenging problems.